Cong Bang Corporation (CBC), formed since 2008, is the official distributor and developer of Sekisui FOAM INTERNATIONAL in Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia, focus mainly on the 2 brands manufactured by Sekisui CHEMICAL GROUP – Thermobreak and Softlon.

  As the leader of Vietnam’s market, we pay utmost attention to the condition and durability of our products, aside care profoundly about providing the best services and experiences to our customers.

  From the humble beginning as the first company to have brought to Vietnam the highest-quality lines of thermal insulation and acoustic underlay products, we are now the very first choice for top construction companies, mastered architects and professionals who prioritize quality.


  Sekisui Chemical (Japan) is a large Japanese Multinational Company headquartered in Tokyo Japan. It employs 26,000 people globally with an annual turnover of USD $10 billion. Primary activities include Housing, urban infrastructure, high performance polymers, automotive and construction. For the last several years, Sekisui proudly stay on the position of the World’s Top 100 Most Sustainable Corporations.

  Sekisui Foam International is the Foam division within the Sekisui Chemical’s HPP group. Its manufacturing activities are strategically located around the world with no less than 10 manufacturing plants including North America (2), Europe (2), Japan, Australia, Thailand, Korea, and China.

  Sekisui Chemical pioneered the Physically Cross-linking foam technology and it’s the world’s largest and leading manufacturer of polyolefin-based foams. Major applications include Automotive, Insulation, Construction and General Manufacturing industries.


Provides premium products with the highest quality standard, brings our customers the true values, and contributes for a better living standard.


” To be the leading supplier in the market of insulation, acoustic and industrial materials. Bring into the market a distinctive product with an international standard service. “