Thermobreak Roof & Wall Insulation

The Thermobreak® insulation range of products provide excellent solutions for building envelope insulation applications. Thermobreak® is widely used in applications including soffit, raised floor, roofing, wall, and steel frame insulation. Thermobreak® provides excellent insulation performance that remains unchanged for the life of the project resulting in significant energy savings. Being a completely closed cell material, it does not absorb moisture and eliminates any vapour permeability that leads to condensation.

Thermobreak® is a leading flexible thermal insulation material made from physically (irradiation) cross-linked closed-cell, polyolefin foam, factory bonded to reinforced pure aluminium foil and available with a pressure sensitive adhesive backing.

Safety standards against fire and smoke:

  • BS 476 parts 6 & 7 Class 0
  • AS 1530 Part 3
    • Spread of Flame Index 0
    • Ignition Index 0 
    • Smoke Developed Index 0-1
    • Heat Evolved Index 0
  • Flame Spread Index: <25
  • Smoke Developed Index: <50
  • EN ISO 11925 Reaction to Fire Complies (Euroclass E)
  • AS 3837
  • BCA Group Number: 1
  • Smoke Index: ≤250
  • BS 6853 Annex B: Smoke Toxicity COMPLIES (R < 1.0)
  • IMO MSC 61(67) Part 2: Smoke Toxicity COMPLIES
  • ISO 5659 Part 2 Smoke Density COMPLIES (IMO MSC 61(67) Part 2)
    • D< 200
    • Satisfies max allowable concentrations for the following combustion gases: CO, HCI, HBr, HF, HCN, NOx, SO2

Environmental and human safety standards

  • FDA, RoHS, REACH, ZERO, Global Warming Potential (GWP)
  • Certified ZERO VOC (Certified “Green Star” Product)
  • Anti- Microbial

Technical features:

  • Thermal conductivity Coefficient(ASTM C518): 032 W/mK (@230C mean temp.)
  • Density: 25kg/m3
  • Water permeability (thickness 12 mm) : 000195 µg/N.s
  • (ASTM E96): 3 x 10-15 kg/Pa.s.m
  • Moisture resistance: μ>80,000
  • Desiccant capacity (JIS K6767): <0.1% v/v (0.00038 g/cm2)
  • Operating temperature range: -80oC → +100oC (no glue available)
  • Clean, safe, no dust.
  • Reflect 97% heat radiation.
  • Extremely high thermal efficiency with extremely low thermal conductivity K=0.032W/mK at 23o C 
  • Long-term use of more than 20 years, the material is not deformed aging.
  • Extremely high moisture resistance coefficient µ>80,000.
  • Easy installation due to a machine-made slitting line, saving maximum cost and time.
  • The pure aluminum surface has a mesh layer that increases moisture resistance, antibacterial, mold resistance, physical impact resistance with high aesthetic.
  • Certified by “Green Star”.
  • Please do not hesitate to contact us to be updated the full newest technical and test documents. 

Please do not hesitate to contact us to be updated the full newest technical and test documents. 

  • 03mmT x 1.2mW x 50mL
  • 05mmT x 1.2mW x 50mL
  • 08mmT x 1.2mW x 50mL
  • 10mmT x 1.2mW x 20mL
  • 12mmT x 1.2mW x 20mL
  • 15mmT x 1.2mW x 20mL
  • 20mmT x 1.2mW x 20mL
  • 25mmT x 1.2mW x 15mL