Cong Bang Corporation is honored to be the main sponsor for a Ceremony to honor BCI Asia Top 10 Developers and Architects Awards.

BCI Asia Awards is an annual awards event, held in 7 countries and territories in the Asia-Pacific region including: Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam.

The event not only recognizes architecture and real estate firms for their design and construction contributions to many projects in 7 regional markets such as BCI Asia Top 10 Architects Award 2019 and Top 10 Developers Award 2019, but also encourage the creation of social and environmental constructions such as FuturArc Prize, FuturArc Green Leadership Award and Interior Design Awards 2019.

BCI Asia Awards also confirms its prestige as one of the most prestigious awards in the construction industry in the region. At the same time, the event also creates an exchange opportunity between architectural firms, investors, contractors, manufacturers and providing excellent services in domestic and foreign.

Cong Bang Corporation is happy and proud to have brought many works of thermal insulation and acoustic underlay products with the best quality standards to many construction projects and contribute to raising living standard for the community throughout the years.

In order to get these achievements, we cannot get it without trust and support from customers, including project developers, investors, architectural and electrical design companies as well as those who are always with us.

And now is the time to show our gratitude to the customers and friends we always appreciate.

Cong Bang Corporation and Sekisui are proud to partner with BCI ASIA to give the most prestigious award and honor to Top 10 Developers and Top 10 Architects in Vietnam 2019. We always want to accompany all customers and partners to bring to society and community real Values ​​and a better living standard.

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